Monthly Archives: November 2011

Its a show, Honey!

– Louth Beekeepers Association Annual Honey Show. With such a lovely name, you know it’s going to be good. I wasn’t disappointed. One of the highlights was to see the 4 types of honey entered and the scrutiny that goes into judging. The different classes to enter are granulated, creamed, liquid and heather honey.  Each entry has to be 2 identical jars, filled to an exact level and fulfilling the precise standards required. I have a lot to learn if I am to make it next year.

As well as the exhibits, there was lots of talk about swarming bees, keepers suddenly expanding their apiary from one to 3 hives, the difficulties faced over the season and optimism for the coming year.

The evening was rounded off beautifully. I won a jar of creamed honey in the raffle and was given a jar of runny honey by a neighbour who travels with me in our car share.

Just in the nick of time…

We have added a couple of new beds in the allotment.  Making them caused a bit of a catastrophe though,  as the old rotavator blew up its engine. Thankfully it was just as Paul finished the last bed. Being a dedicated petrol head he has always claimed the engine was too small, another machine with a bigger engine will be on his agenda now……

I have some onion sets on the way, I hope they will fit into the 2 beds we have created…….