Monthly Archives: December 2011

Chicken Run

Well, the last week has been a steep learning curve for my chicken keeping skills.

The call went out over the twitter waves; it was time to save the latest flocks of battery hens from slaughter. Who can rehome some?

I have long been against the practice of battery egg production and last year I just lost out being a bit too slow on the uptake, so I had to do this time.

Just four days ago, my amazing husband came with me as we headed north to collect 30 hens. The empty run and coop are now full.

Unfortunately the hens have no idea what a chicken should do to be a chicken. This has created a new game at bed time “catch the chicken”. One by one they have to be caught and posted into the coop. The game, which takes about an hour to complete, is now into its fifth day, I long for the night that I go to close the coop and they are all tucked in as my other little flock always are……..