Okay, I’m not the most dedicated fitness fan, never sporty etc. and today I got back on the rower, it’s been some months, winter, injuries etc. etc. I was not looking forward to the torture. But honestly I am aware that my ageing body needs the 20 minutes a day for 5 days that they tell us we all need.

So, earphones in, shuffle on, Rower playlist at the ready………. Wow! 20 minutes later, some puffing and panting, knees aching, back breaking and I’m stepping off the rower and dancing around the floor! If this is the endorphin effect that exercise brings, I like it very much! 

I’ve always loved music and dance, I was part of a dance studio up to the age of 11 and loved singing and dancing on stage – perhaps that has stayed with me, anyway, here I am, this life and raring to go

The winter is over, seeds to sow, chooks to chase, wildflowers to sow, bee keeping to learn, 2012 will be a great year.

Keeeeeep Dancin’!

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