Chicken Run

Well, the last week has been a steep learning curve for my chicken keeping skills.

The call went out over the twitter waves; it was time to save the latest flocks of battery hens from slaughter. Who can rehome some?

I have long been against the practice of battery egg production and last year I just lost out being a bit too slow on the uptake, so I had to do this time.

Just four days ago, my amazing husband came with me as we headed north to collect 30 hens. The empty run and coop are now full.

Unfortunately the hens have no idea what a chicken should do to be a chicken. This has created a new game at bed time “catch the chicken”. One by one they have to be caught and posted into the coop. The game, which takes about an hour to complete, is now into its fifth day, I long for the night that I go to close the coop and they are all tucked in as my other little flock always are……..


2 Responses to Chicken Run

  • Richard Gill says:

    I have the space, 4 acres, and the enclosure area but no chickens and no coop. Used to keep hens during the war ( 5 years old plus) but cannot remember much about it.
    Would appreciate some tips as to how to get started and the ex battery hen rescue.

    I also grow some of my own veg, have a fruit garden 35 trees,a 40ft greenhouse with two productive vines, make my own wine, chutneys, jams etc.

    Read your article in Lincolnshire Pride.
    Richard Gill

    • Daisy says:

      I take my hat off to you for keeping going with your own produce. Thank you for getting in touch.
      Hens are fairly easy to keep, a coop in an enclosed run is the way many people keep theirs. If you are not able to let your hens run around, then moving the run around regularly is the alternative. Hens like lots of grass to graze. Buying in food is the usual diet and a mix of layers pellets and corn with grit. I would bet that during the war “mash” would be made to feed hens.
      The British Hen Welfare Trust ( is the website to look at for help in acquiring some ex battery hens.
      Good luck. Let me know how you get on.

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