new hedge, old trees….

Its been a while, I should have written to you sooner, I apologise for the lapse, you know how it is, things happen, life gets in the way….. but I’m here now and so much to tell you.

The biggest news is the new garden. We moved here in November last year and then the weather closed in behind us, which is something I should be prepared for. After all, the last 2 winters have done this to me. Anyway, around 1/2 acre of traditional garden, around the house. surrounded by hedging, well, loosely described as hedging, predominately deciduous trees, cut to form a hedge.

When we arrived in November it had just been cut down to around 2 metres height and was very sad looking, we could see straight through it. I couldn’t believe it would become the hedge that it is today! (Proud parent talking there)

There are some fruit trees; apple, cherry and one sad old, plum tree. I’ve been told its a damson tree…… fingers crossed we can revive it over the coming year because the abundance of damsons from – Damson cottage has led to my parents addiction: my home made Damson gin…..

The house faces north so the back door is facing straight out to the south and across countryside. There is one arable field behind us which has just been harvested of its peas. Beyond is a most glorious view; an ancient green field site that contained a monastery. the undulating grassland has cattle grazing, and further beyond is the woodland. The view makes the place so special.

The summer is here now, and what a contrast. Baking heat has parched the garden, we don’t have our collection water tanks in place and we’re on a water meter….
Life would be dull without a challenge or two wouldn’t it?

winter wonderland

the view across the countryside and beyond is truly wonderful

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